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Depression. Is a motherfucker. But it helps me write. I see the good in all. Bitch.

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Its been awhile.

I’ve looked forward to certain days, things have changed, faces have changed, feelings have been paid, my dues still seem to be in debt, I owe a lot to certain people, but they don’t deserve what I spent, Seconds, Hours, Days, Months, but certain shapes have bent, awkward positions, shapes become new places, but the same scenery, this may not make sense, fuck it does.

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Now Playing.

Flume x Kid Cudi x Band of Horses

…Anyone say what’s up? I’ve been thinking, too much in my head, these nights suck….even when things are great, this shit knows how to creep…I just need to be back in my place in San Antonio (One more day). This world is just…

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